Winter Car Maintenance Tips

As the weather gets colder and colder, you should prepare your car for winter. After all, a car is a major investment and it would be pity to let it be damaged due to your negligence. Check the following winter car maintenance tips. Since weather can be quite harmful for your car, it would be best to get appropriate car insurance, in this case, comprehensive coverage. Read more about this and get auto insurance online quotes for free, from our website. But first, you should following these tips:

  1. Check the tires. Winter is the season in which you must pay attention to tires the most, and change them when needed. We recommend you to buy winter tires. Winter tire rubber compound are far more effective at gripping not just in the snow, but also on cold pavement, where they can improve braking by as much as 40 percent once the mercury drops below freezing.
  2. Regularly check windshield washer fluid and wipers. Having a full windshield-washer reservoir is tremendously important, as messy road debris from a snowstorm will need constant window washing in order to gain visibility.  Also inspect the wipers that are on your car and see whether they can hold up for another three to five months of snow clearing.
  3. Keep a full tank of gasoline. A full tank will prevent accumulated water from freezing inside your fuel pump and can help you stay warm by allowing the engine to stay running, should you remain stuck.
  4. Check the battery. It is more difficult for batteries to operate in cold weather. To check if the battery is up to the task, perform a volt test.
  5. Verify the defroster and climate control systems. You surely do not want to go out driving when there is no heat in the car. Call technicians to help you fix any problem, should you find one.

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