Why Bundle Homeowners And Car Insurance

One of the smartest ways to reduce insurance costs is to bundle multiple policies. Typically, people choose to bundle home and car insurance with the same carrier. Find out the reasons behind this choice, the pros and cons and why you should do it. Also, get auto insurance quotes online from our website.

Bundling home and car insurance is typically the preferred combo because these 2 are the most expensive to insure. And the provided combo will be more valuable than insuring anything else. A multi-policy discount can save you a lot of money, hundreds, even thousands of dollars every year. According to data shown by Consumer Reports, people who bundle home and car insurance save on average $235 per year.

But the value of the discount varies a lot, from 5% to 25%, depending on the company and the value of the items you choose to insure. As you can imagine, this is one of the biggest discounts you can get. And considering the sheer monetary value, it is simply to deduce why so many policyholders try to get it and maximize its value.

It is also more convenient to have a single bill for both home and car insurance. Besides not having to pay 2 bills in 2 different place, it will make your costs easier to manage and it will get rid of tons of paperwork.

Furthermore, you will be a more valuable asset for the insurer. So, even if you cause an accident or you commit a traffic violation, it is less likely to be dropped by your carrier. However, keep in mind that anything has limits – cause too much trouble and you will be dropped. Before bundling policies, you should get quotes and compare multiple policies and offers, from top reputable insurance companies.

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