Why Apply For Accident Forgiveness

Getting into a car accident is a real nightmare.  Not only do you have to deal with the other involved driver, the police, hospital and paying the bills.  You also have to be concerned about whether or not your insurance premiums will increase. Depending on the severity of the accident and the insurance company, adding a single incident to your driving record can cause your insurance rates to jump to more than 50%. Luckily, more and more companies allow their customers to apply for accident forgiveness programs. Find out more why you should apply and get car insurance quotes online free from our website.

If you have a clean driving history with your insurer, the company will ignore the first accident on your record and choose not to make the insurance more expensive. Each insurer has different ways and details for applying to this service.  Some insurers offer accident forgiveness add-ons to new customers while others only offer accident forgiveness to loyal customers who have been with the company for years.

Even if you are a skilled, safe driver, you still are in danger of getting into a car accident.  This is mainly why you should get accident forgiveness.  Plus, most accident forgiveness policies will can be added to your policy for less than $30 a month.  Even better, some carriers give their customers accident forgiveness for no additional fee.

The best method of determining whether or not accident forgiveness is good for you is to see how much your insurer would raise your rates after an accident.  Each car insurance company has a schedule which outlines the rate hikes following an at-fault accident.  Often times, you will find that insurance companies can and will raise your rates to off-the-chart levels after you cause an automobile accident.  If the price is too high, you know what to do.

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