Legal Requirement for Driving a Car in Los Angeles, California

Being able to drive your own car is one of the best parts of growing up.  But before being able to legally drive a car, you must first take a test and obtain the driver license. Los Angeles it can easily considered a “driving city”, always busy and with an intense traffic.   It is also a huge city and many people can feel incomplete without this license.  But in order to get one, you must fulfill every legal requirement for driving a car in Los Angeles, California, including buying car insurance.

autoNEW - car1The first requirement for getting a license is to have the proper age.  In California, teens have become very advantaged by the new laws. Since the age of 15 they can benefit of education to get a learner’s permit.  At 16 years old, they are eligible for a provisional license, after they have completed driver’s education.  17 and ½ years old teens can apply for a provisional permit without having to take any driving education. And finally, at the age of 18 and older, you are allowed to apply for a driver’s license without getting a learner’s permit.

Even if you have taken a Driver’s Ed course in another state, you cannot use it in California as a proof of driving course completion. Instead, you can use a “Secondary School Other Than California Schools” form (DL 33), which has to be completed by the out-of-state secondary school.  Additionally, you should get a letter printed from the school you finished the courses where it specifies that you completed a driving course equivalent to California’s.

Also, before getting a driver’s license, you must prove that you are eligible to drive, meaning you do not have diseases like macular degeneration or arthritis.

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