Car Insurance Rates And Accidents

If you are involved in an auto accident and you decide to file a claim, you may be worried that your insurance provider will raise your premium rates. This concern usually makes people have hard time deciding if they should file a claim or pay for the damage out-of-pocket. A report made by a well-known television found that drivers who made just one claim ended up paying an average of 41 percent more for car insurance. This is because their risk assessments have changed and carriers consider those drivers more likely to make another claim and cost the company money. Find out more about car insurance rates and accidents and get more info about any state auto insurance company and free quotes, from our website.

# cars_wreckedAfter an accident, insurance companies are interested to find who is to blame. If you’re not at fault, you shouldn’t see a spike in your premium after making a claim. Insurance companies take into account the rules of the road, where the damage is located, driver statements, witnesses, police reports, and other factors when trying to determine how the accident happened. If you’re determined to be at fault, it’s likely that your rates will increase for both the property damage to the other vehicle(s) and/or property, as well as the damage to your vehicle if you’re going to file a claim under your collision coverage

The value of the premium increase depends on each company and it is also influence by the federal laws of each state. On average, the most expensive increases after one at-fault crash are found in District of Columbia, Kentucky, Arizona and Florida. On average, the customers living there will pay $800 more annually, when compare with customers who have a clean driving record. The average nationwide increase is around $450.

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